VAYLC Mission

To inspire and train young leaders interested in public service and giving back to the community.


VAYLC’s objective is help ensure young people are knowledgeable of the local and complex issues impacting their community, that they are equipped with skills to help them develop a vision to lead and that they are connected with the resources and mentors to support them along the way.


Since 1999, the Vietnamese American Youth leadership Conference (VAYLC) has been organized annually to unite over a hundred young, emerging leaders from the Vietnamese American community. It is an exciting multi-day conference held in Washington, D.C. that offers attendees training on leadership and introduces to a wide range of public service careers.

 Are you passionate about public service, a particular cause or exploring ideas for your next steps after high school or college? VAYLC is for you.

At VAYLC workshops, attendees engage with professionals representing numerous fields where leaders make positive impacts everyday––from public office to non-profit management to entrepreneurship to community organizing. All speakers share their personal experiences and lessons they have learned in getting to where they are today. They teach the needed skills to help VAYLC attendees achieve their goals, whether it’s networking in a professional environment, uniting their student-led organizations, building and expanding a non-profit organization or a business. A cross-section of skills covered at VAYLC include networking, communications, advocacy and involvement, building relationships, financial literacy and more.

VAYLC distinguishes itself from other leadership conferences through its exclusive program on Capitol Hill that gives attendees the opportunity to visit U.S. members of Congress and staff, allowing attendees to speak to and learn from lawmakers in action.

Past popular workshops include site visits to the State Department’s Vietnam Desk in the Human Rights division; a presentation on “Asian Americans in Public Office,” by Virginia State Delegate Mark Keam and Town of Herndon Councilmember Grace Han Wolf; and “The Changing Landscape of Journalism,” presented by Ylan Mui of The Washington Post. Attendees are also able to expand their critical thinking skills especially in engaging discussions about social and cultural issues affecting the Vietnamese community.

The National Congress of Vietnamese Americans has been the main sponsor of every VAYLC since 1999. But over the years, VAYLC has enjoyed the sponsorship and/or cooperation of many other agencies and organizations, including State Farm, Boat People S.O.S, VATV and Voice of Vietnamese Americans.